Friday, December 11, 2009

Thematic Analysis

Laramie was known as a nothing before Matthew was killed. Then Matthew was killed and all of the sudden Laramie was the hot spot of the news and world in general. Somehow the little innocent town of Laramie was not so innocent and the people did not feel like they really knew each other. The people of Laramie, some where okay with people being gay and some were not, but it was never really talked about. But after Matthew passed, many more people came out and he was very much supported. The sad part is that the community of Laramie changed in a good way that there now is a sense of community and closeness with all the people but that Matthew had to die to make it all happen. Now it is like we all have something in common Matthew’s death, we mourn as a community, the walk was a major stepping stone. We feel good as a community now but, why did Matthew’s death have to make it all happy? “So it makes me feel really good that he didn’t have to die out there alone” (Kaufman 86) and that is where the real sense of community came hit home for me. A tragic event made us all feel so much like a community.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Scene Analysis

My most powerful scene would be when I described the night that I found Matthew in the field, on the fence. I know it is the only part I really play in this whole event but it was a major turning point for the play. At that point the audience was able to live that day as I had lived it. I went into detail on everything that I say and the way I felt. I hope the readers and play goers can feel and see what I saw because when the team interviewed me, they awakened all the feelings I had that day.

Finding Matthew was just the beginning of Laramie becoming the new hot spot for the press, not to mention the new image of Laramie. I went over all the details I could remember and the way I talked about made me feel as though I was reliving the moment. It was almost as if I had replayed a tape from my head. I could (and still can) remember that day so vividly. My day was just supposed to end with a bike ride, nothing important. The bike had gotten caught on something and I feel over the handles bars, I wasn’t hurt. “So, uh, I got up and I was just kind of dusting myself off, and I was looking around when I noticed something- which ended up to be Matt” (Kaufman 43). I tried and tried to talk to him but nothing so I just called the police. They took it from there but that day still sticks in my mind, as it always will. And that moment was where it all started.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Character Analysis

The Laramie Project was written in order to inform people about Matthew Shepherd’s death. Matthew’s death was all over the news and all of the sudden everyone was interested in Laramie. So Moisés Kaufman decided to make a play about all of it and came down to Laramie to conduct a series of interviews with the people of Laramie. Now you know I come into play because I live in Laramie, but there is so much more than that.

I was a part of the case of Matthew; I didn’t really know him but we did go to the same college, but no that still isn’t how I connected to the book. I found Matthew that night, I found him beaten and battered. It was so awful really, I couldn’t fathom what would make someone want to harm someone like that. I felt so useless that night; I just called out and tried to help, but still there was nothing I could have done. I sat and wondered over and over if there was anything I could have done different, not to mention I have that image burned into my mind and will forever. But I have grown; in the beginning I was so confused about why I had to find Matthew, but now I get it. It was all because Matthew needed someone to be there for him. “The reason God wanted me to find him is, for he didn’t have to die out there alone, you know” (Kaufman 86). That makes me feel a bit better; God does know what he was doing and I just had to fit into that equation some how.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Dear Matt Galloway,

We don’t know each other to well, but I feel we have so much in common. Ever since Matthew died everyone in Laramie is all over trying to talk about what happened. And I know this is going to sound so cliché (especially now) but we have Matthew in common. You worked that night at the bar, the night before Matthew, you know. Sorry to bring it up, but I seem to have a hard time forgetting about what happened, that image is burned into my head, and I know you said that you can’t seem to forget that night. So what are we supposed to do?

I can’t seem to get any closer from the whole situation, and I thought that maybe “The Laramie Project” would give me some closure, to know that all those people were affected, and to see everyone’s view on what happened, the people from Laramie that is. But after reading over the work I felt that I had the most in common with you, and maybe if we could talk or something we could (maybe it’s just me who needs it but) get some closure.

My whole world was changed since Matthew’s death, and I know yours has too, I wish I could take it all back even though I know it wasn’t my fault, (nor was it your by the way). All I can remember is that “There was nothing I could do. I mean if there was anything that I could’ve done to help him, I would’ve done it, but there was nothing” (Kaufman 44). And you said over and over how there was something you could have done, but really, I don’t think so. So here we are after Matthew’s death and we can’t seem to shake it. So where does that leave us? Yes, I know it is all over the case part is all worked out, but in our minds and hearts it lives forever, and what can we do change that?

I hope you understand why I am contacting you, please feel no pressure to respond. I just needed to reach out to someone who felt the same way as me. I hope we are able to move on soon enough with all of it, even if that image and that night never leave our minds. Thank you so much for listening.

Aaron Kreifels

Friday, November 13, 2009


Finding Matthew

I was riding my bike
Just wanted to get out
I had no plans to go
Anywhere special

So I picked a way
And just kept going
On and on down
My new found path

All of the sudden
I hit a rock
Over the handle bars
I flew and hit the ground

I got up and looked around
Something was there
Maybe a scarecrow?
But no

As I got closer
Towards the fence
I saw what looked like real hair
It was a human being!

I called the police
As fast as I could
I tried talking to him
But it was no good

No matter how much
I yelled and screamed
He sill laid there
There was nothing I could do

Now I cannot get it out
That image of Matthew
Just lying there
Almost dead

I have just one question
It is due to my religion
"Why did God want ME to find him" (Kaufman 55)